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Then there is the practicalities of Galt’s Gulch itself. It is described as self-sufficient, but how could it do that? Did Mr Galt build all of the roadways and pathways needed by himself? Of course not. In the real world, Galt’s Gulch is based on the town of Ouray, Colorado, which has had billions (adjusted) invested into it over the 120+ years of existence, from the million dollar highway of the 1920′s to the premiere water management system. The cost of the endeavor is staggering, especially then the support costs for these giants of industry who suddenly could go from being bank managers or auto executives to being able to build their own homes using only the resources they had available. How do she expect it to even work? Simply put, it was a farce.

Those which espouse the philosophy of Ms. Rand have time and again proven themselves dangerous, for they believe that the business is the key to the market. This inversion of the nature of the market instead breeds corruption, and collapse, undermining the supports needed for the market to function.

This is why when the focus is, instead, on the worker, which then expand the consumer base, the market works so much smoother. This is why in the 1950′s, we could support dozens of airlines, multiple automobile manufacturers, both fast food as well as mom and pop restaurants. Because the focus was on the consumer, the middle class worker. Until we stop believing in Rands delusional state, and start focusing on the true engine of our economy, the true master of our fate as it were, we shall never again achieve the greatness that we once had.

Forget John Galt, embrace Rosie the Riveter!

(Source: azspot, via shorterexcerpts)