Facebook account, doing its own thing…

So I set up a test facebook account, to see how it worked with my info. It is based on a new gmail address that has not been used. I uploaded a random blurry photo of someone else. I used fake town names. I made up a user name based on a latin phrase. The account has no “friends.” I “liked” a couple of pages with it.

One of my real-life coworkers saw the random photo at my desk today, and said, “who is that? I got a facebook request from that guy.”

I have never looked her up on facebook, or any other social network. I do not want any connections from work on facebook.

"It’s just a random photo cropped out of a video. What was the guy’s name?" I asked.

She told me the name of my test account. So I logged into that account using my iPhone (for the very first time). There she was, as “someone you may know” along with a client of mine. There’s a button to search through phone contacts, but I was careful not to press it.

So I clicked “other people you may know,” and got a list of my own family, coworkers and former business associates, some of whom I haven’t spoken with in 7 or 8 years, as well as just about the same number of people that I’ve never heard of.

(edited to add: I have never emailed her or my clients from my home computer, I use work eqpt for that, and facebook is blocked at work. Also turns out she hasn’t “liked” the same pages I did with that account.)

Where is it pulling this contact information from? Is facebook basically an elaborate and well-maintained virus?

And when did facebook start sending out friend requests on its own?

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