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‘Cause if your skin was soil, how long do you think before they start diggin’?

And if your life was gold, how long would you think you’d stay livin’?

—Interference (Fergus O’Farrell)

We listened to Glen Hansard sing this song over the weekend at his phenomenal concert, and he explained a bit about it. As he said, when he and the Frames first covered it, they thought it was about a love for a girl. But Fergus O’Farrell, who wrote it, told him that wasn’t what it was about at all.

It’s about a chief, or a great person of the land, looking out over fields and feeling a strong love for the earth, for the ground on which he’s standing. Hansard briefly mentioned fracking, how it’s one of the insane ways we’re destroying the thing we all need and love most—this beautiful place—for fleeting profits.

The video above is Hansard with the Swell Season. Listen to O’Farrell and Hansard sing it together here with members of Interference and the Frames/Swell Season.