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Fw: Receipt Found in a Parking Lot


Dear Uncle Lou,

That receipt reminds me of Reagan’s old speeches about “young bucks,” But then again I guess it’s supposed to.

(I wonder why they wrote a D in front of EBT. Makes it sort of not make sense.)   Here’s another receipt you might appreciate on a different level; check out that tip.

After you look at this one, that $140 doesn’t seem like such a big deal. Cheaper than a few bottles of water!

—Your nephew

Fw: Receipt Found in a Parking Lot

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Have you ever seen crabs in a bucket?

If the rim is at the right height, they will have to climb over each other to try and escape. Clambering up on top of each other to find freedom, they grab and pull the only things they can grip—each other. Just as one is close to climbing over the edge, another ambitious climber pulls it back in.

Continually, they keep each other in the bucket, never progressing, on their way to someone’s dinner.

That sums up the 53% “movement.” Or, at least, the posted stories. The setup and promotion come from those well outside it, as we all know.

"Be thankful, you; stay here with us, and we will all be happily devoured together."

we are the 99%:

I am an immigrant who came to this country to escape communism. I was very ambitious: I worked hard and became a best-selling author. Several of my books were made into major films and my books have remained best-sellers for decades. I established a group of followers who are some of the most successful and influential business people in America.

I expected to be in the 1%. I achieved that goal, and looked down upon anyone who was not.

I was a non-drinker, but a heavy smoker and cocaine user for most of my life, and didn’t believe all the rumors and propaganda against tobacco corporations, but was diagnosed with lung cancer late in my life.

My husband and I had no children, and when I became sick I was too ashamed to ask my followers for help. I changed my last name and hid my condition so that my book sales would not be affected by my receipt of government aid, which I had preached against my entire life but needed in order to stay alive. My lawyers collected my checks for me, and kept my condition private. Social Security and Medicare kept me alive for several years, but I lost everything that I owned, even my identity.

I became the 99%.

—Ayn Rand

Free Speech Zone (yes, the whole country)

And don’t let anyone try to enforce a claim that it’s not.

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" …Kanye could be in the 1% too, if he just just knew the value of hard work. Hippy slacker! "

- (via thehermancainfacts)

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I once worked on some office renovations across the street from the Board of Trade. It was fascinating to look across, into the windows, and see a whole societal space organized by jacket color. It was like a view into Huxley’s “Brave New World.”

They ate in different areas, worked on different floors, gathered in groups together. My coworkers and I often commented on it, and on what a bizarre view that it made.

Somehow I doubt that it was either Alphas or Betas that put up this sign, but I’d bet they gave an order to take it down. Still, it’s telling that the (likely) gold-jacketed plebes that posted this up think that they actually are in the 1%.