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I just heard a ten year old boy playing superhero say he wanted to be Black Widow, “because Black Widow is the coolest.”

And his friends—including my son—said “yeah Black Widow is AWESOME!”

So explain to me again how boys can’t relate to female action heroes.

Blue Beetle is tired & hungry.

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She was a patient sort.

Bartholomeus van Bassen, 1618-20

Somehow I had totally missed this important part of Batman’s legend: he goes into his basement and turns into Spiderman.

A fifteen page story about the MMR vaccination controversy. From the tall guy.

Red prequel is out!  Go buy it.

Still enjoying making the new comic, but I’m not 100% sure why I’m doing it or why I started it.

I thought it would be something I could work on anywhere, but my laptop doesn’t render colors well enough or have the right fonts, so it’s taking more of my time at home than I’d hoped it might. If it gets to be another burden I might have to rethink how often I post.

Anyway, this latest one’s mostly self-referential: