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Those who dismiss the Wall Street protests as a gathering of young, useless members of the lost generation may want to have a look at these photos. Over 700 pilots from United and Continental Airlines demonstrated in front of Wall Street Tuesday. The pilots are protesting the lack of movement on collective bargaining agreement negotiations from the United/Continental merger, which reaches its one-year anniversary soon.

There may be varying demands amongst the protest’s constituencies, but that variety does not diminish the importance of each grievance.

[Photos: Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

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Wall Street denizens mock Occupy Wall Street protesters by sipping champagne. Really. Gawker first discussed this with a posting about the Facebook event trying to organize the upper crust:

As the first week of the #occupywallstreet protest against corporate stuff draws to a close, some classy capitalists have decided to dust off their favorite Nixon-era jargon and hold a champagne-soaked counter-protest of their own. Free laxative-enriched muffins for all “hippies,” LOL.

A “pro-business Democrat” tipster sent us some screenshots of the Facebook event page for today’s corporate counter-protest, titled “Anti Hippy Protester Champagne Toast on Wall Street.”

Well, here’s the video. Police brutality, counter-protesting with champagne toasts… Who says there’s a class war? Nothing to see here, folks. </sarcasm>


One of the main tenets of capitalism is that it allegedly creates competition, giving consumers higher quality and lower costs. But when competition drops from 37 national banks to 4, that “consumer wins out in the end” theory goes right out the window.

But don’t even think of regulating the banks!

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