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My favorite thing about iOS7 is the subtle gray on gray of most of the share buttons. Keeps you from using your phone outdoors, which would be rude.


new Apple Mac Book with Retina display

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Steve Jobs

Apparently you can also force people to do great work if they are treated as slaves, and have no other choice. No matter how much the preceding self-centered quote is shared, Jobs’ legacy now lies in how he treated his employees on the other side of the world.

What you do to others will ultimately trump what you say about yourself.

Jobs’ legacy is represented by the exploitation of workers at FoxConn. Sorry folks, but that’s what Apple became under his guidance, and that’s what it is today.

A focused designer and relentless taskmaster may make one a great CEO, but it does not make one a great man.

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…Jobs simply understood that Edison’s axiom had expired. Those devices that were born of necessity, electrified versions of ancient tools, had been invented. Our washing machines, our flashlights, our electric drills and saws, we have those already. Those needs—more usable and convenient versions of ancient activities—have for the most part been met. Edison’s statement that “necessity is the mother of invention” is simply no longer true.

Certainly the world has needs for new inventions to address old problems, but these tend to be unique and localized needs, not products of mass-production that can sweep the world. Today, inventions of mass significance must be the “mother of necessity,” and that has been true for decades.

Jobs took this new axiom and amplified it with focused simplification; a basic design school precept that most people lose sight of shortly after graduation. Almost every great work of architecture or other functional art (at least those with staying power) does this: its design distills an idea to its core, and pushes its idea to the forefront.

Not exactly a call for beatification, but an impressive achievement.

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Apple’s new campus plan



This is bound to be a pleasant experience for neighbors: Streets lined with parking decks (partly submerged, of course), energy plants, and an absence of people.

It’s difficult to imagine the park will be a public amenity, in which case it may provide that distinctly suburban experience of being stuck in traffic with no views of people, or of anything to do.

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