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Working late, but at least tonight’s view was nice after the rain.

Nice new mulch in park today, although at some point they may need to install new benches on top of the old ones.

Edit: On the other hand, there may something sinister about these bark chips.

Just after a five-year old boy excitedly ran to his mom to show off the squirrel tail he found, a tiny little girl was running around with a “real dead frog” she’d found, impaled on a stick.

"I’m gonna smell it!" she announced. I laughed. And now she wants to show it to me and won’t go away.

Great moments in advertising.

(via my friend Eric)

Ponce de Leon Avenue


The magic cellar is closed.

Oh, MARTA, always so welcoming.

Decatur, behind the pub.


My work up at Radial ArtSpace in Atanta:
“The Form and Color of the Things About Him: Portrait of Frederick Douglass” carved cedar, 98”x32”

I have a few pieces up at Radial Artspace in Atlanta. And we’re eating here now…


Travel & Leisure Magazine asked its readers to rank 35 of “America’s Favorite Cities” according to various criteria of interest to visitors.

Unsurprisingly, Atlanta scrapes the bottom of the lists for mobility of all kinds — walking, riding transit and driving.

I’m always amused (read frustrated) by the fact that Atlanta bus stops just say “bus stop” with no maps whatsoever, and only occasionally a cryptic bus route number.

In other words, you can’t just take the bus. You have to either memorize the system, or get online or go to a library in order to carefully plan out your route. It’s just not feasible for most people.

Raquel Nelson is sentenced to community service and given the option of a new trial.

By Scott Stump contributor

Updated 7/26/2011 12:22:09 PM ET 2011-07-26T16:22:09

Raquel Nelson will not be going to jail — at least not anytime soon.

The single mother from…

Do not enter

June 2011