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“There’s not much argument on the fact of global warming,” Harris said, “but the argument may be on how fast or slow. I don’t think the ski business [here] has seen the full effect of it quite yet.”

For the short-term of the next 25 years or so, Harris said, business in the Syracuse, N.Y., area may not be as readily imperiled as in lower-lying spots around the country. But as temperatures inch up, the clock is ticking too. “My grandchildren and great-grandkids are not going to be in the ski business in Syracuse,” he said. “I think global warming will have taken its effect.”

" Phil — Just a quick note to encourage you to do the right thing and shoot yourself in the head. Don’t waste any more time, do it today. It is truly the greatest contribution to life that you will ever make. "

- A note sent to climate scientist Phil Jones • Suggesting he kill himself for his work on climate change. Jones, a scientist at the center University of East Anglia, was one of the people at the center of “Climategate,” a controversy that climate change skeptics used to call into question the basic tenets of climate change. Journalist James Delingpole, one of the skeptics who spearheaded Climategate, called into question the idea that Jones got death threats, so an environmentalist checked with the university — and got back eight pages worth of death threats. Wowza. (via shortformblog)

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Sea levels twenty-five meters higher.


Here’s what Earth was like last time CO2 was this high

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