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Model Freja Beha Erichsen lends her face and voice to our Starved For Attention campaign, asking fans to help her rewrite the story of malnutrition for 195 million children around the world.

Freja also released this personal message urging fellow models to donate a day’s salary on Oct. 4 to support the work of Doctors Without Borders around the world.

When I saw this image I immediately thought it was about anorexia and eating disorders. I focused on her emaciated-looking arms, and thought how sad it was to see her starving and malnourished to be thought of as beautiful, for attention.

Then I read the caption again, and I was confused by the sheer number of anorexia sufferers. I wondered what sort of victim of anorexia could have the self-awareness to participate in such a campaign. Certainly none that I’ve known.

So I read the description more closely, and learned that this is actually about people starving from a shortage of food, not from self-inflicted malnourishment. People are trying to help other people with this; a commendable program, yet I’m still confused by the image. Is the model here to bring minor-celebrity attention, to highlight an industry campaign, or for irony?

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The new, tighter fashions always made him uncomfortable.

(Carl Friedrich Zimmerman, 1810)


I’m starting to think this entire fucking world is corrupt. I’m so pissed off to find out that Urban Outfitters, who has been trying to make noticeable strives in being a “green business’, has been pulling this kind of bullshit. Now, I don’t completely live under a rock, and I have known about them ripping off designs from artists for a while now. However this bigoted, sexist, and homophobic products and actions stir up a new dislike for them. I am glad that Whole Foods is starting to sell locally made, organic clothes, because from now on, I am going to try to buy from independent businesses and growers/makers whenever possible.
A small amount of UO’s bullshit:

And then there’s this:

Richard Haynes, President/Founder of Urban Outfitters, owner of Anthropologie and Free People contributed over $13,000 to Santorum’s campaign and Political Action Committee over the years. (Pink News,Philadelphia Weekly)

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That’s right, there’s a bald eagle in my pants.