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My daughter has rediscovered Gustafer Yellowgold this week. So my Friday night is consisting of us sitting on the couch watching videos.

Just got through Infinity Sock, now moving on to Wide Wild World.

"Tiny Purple Moon" is very relaxing, but "Mint Green Bee" even more so. (and it definitely deserved its John Lennon Songwriting Award.)

Some kids’ songs are excellent. Not many, but some. This is one of them.

Costume progress this weekend, for Kid Flash and Impulse Iris. This heat transfer vinyl is the coolest stuff ever. Just x-acto out a pattern and iron it on.

And I bought about 10 times too much, so looks like we’ll have lots of future projects.

Hermes, ready for action, with his Vans modified for speed.

Collaborative drawing day with William Downs at {Poem88} Gallery, Atlanta. Here’s his collaboration with my Nora.

Today was the day for the girl to get a haircut. She’s still not sure about the new look, but she loved sitting in the little toy fire truck.

Meant to post this earlier: My Christmas present from my son. He picked out new ones that he thought I’d like, some of his favorites, and wrapped them all up in a sheet of white paper.

My son’s making crystals and they aren’t growing at all like we expected. This little tree bloomed off a tiny crystal shard today. It was a tiny point sticking out of the water last night.

Nora, 4: Dad, look at those rotten bananas! (points in trash, laughing at the chilled slightly overripe fruit)
Me: You know, Nora, the refrigerator is purgatory for a banana.
Nora: Yeah Dad, I knowwww.

Joe, 8: What'cha what'cha what'cha want, what'cha want. What'cha what'cha what'cha want, what'cha want. (for several minutes, with parts of verses thrown in)
Nora, 4: I don't KNOW what I want! I just don't KNOW.

at the grocery store

Me: Joe, they've been playing music that was popular when I was in high school since we got here.
Joe: They have? You know these songs?
Me: Yeah, this one is the J. Geils Band.
Joe: Well, you know, Dad, Trader Joe's is kind of an old-timey store.

" This little piggy went to candler market, this one ate roast beast. This one baked a cake. This one bought balloons. And this one stayed home to get presents. "

- Nora, turning 4 today, and her new version of the story on her toes.

My daughter made a portrait of me. I think it’s pretty accurate.

She’s a genius. Obviously.

My son has a new tumblr for his t-shirt designs. I helped of course, a lot. But it’s his own page and he’s really proud of it. He told me the stories behind each image and I typed them in for him.

Check it out! He’s not allowed to follow any tumblrs, because I think he’s too little, but you can follow him, or subscribe. His posting will be very light.

So I helped my son set up a website yesterday.

He’s in 2nd grade, and when he was in kindergarten he decided he wanted to design t-shirts and started drawing on his white ones. I helped him scan, sharpen, and upload to a zazzle shop. The spiky eye was his first one, and this weekend we put up the stories behind some of his designs.

I typed his stories and helped pick the theme. Now he wants to print more QR symbols and pin them up all over the neighborhood.