Install Theme

My work up at Radial ArtSpace in Atanta:
“The Form and Color of the Things About Him: Portrait of Frederick Douglass” carved cedar, 98”x32”

a portrait of Helen in rust
12” x 12”, chemically-altered rust on steel

A few weeks of rain, sanding and chemicals on steel sheet. I think it’s done. 

My daughter made a portrait of me. I think it’s pretty accurate.

She’s a genius. Obviously.

Portrait, 2011

24” x 48”, water-based stains & acrylic paint on solid carved pine

This has progressed a good bit differently than I initially expected. I gave up on several attempts that simply were not working in terms of material or technique, and had to put the entire project down while I re-thought where I was taking it. I’m pleased with how this one’s feeling, capturing the feeling and mood of a lost self.