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It’s over.


  • Rick Perry had a meltdown. His train of thought derailed multiple times and he was slurring his words slightly.
  • Mitt Romney’s hair was jauntily tousled and he probably gets a boost from this.
  • Herman Cain proved he’s not a misogynist by…


A just-published bombshell article in the November issue of Bloomberg Markets magazine implicates Koch Industries, the company controlled by Republican mega-donors Charles and David Koch, in dozens of criminal acts around the globe over the past three decades.

According the report, company officials have been caught paying bribes to win contracts, trading with Iran in violation of the U.S. embargo, price-fixing, neglecting safety and ignoring environmental regulations.

The billionaire brothers are major donors to FreedomWorks, the Cato Institute, and dozens of other conservative think-tanks and nonprofits.

Read the full article here >

Do read the full article. It’s easy to dismiss this as wholly unsurprising, but it’s actually quite an outrage to see the catalog of sins amassed by the Koch brothers and their corporations.

Again, I’m going to suggest if corporations are people, these corporations should be held criminally responsible. 


Rick Perry: Making George W. Bush seem sensible.

He’s worse than this chart implies.

Take #2, for example: He fought against having the new evidence considered, then refused to delay the execution.

Or take #5: Perry promotes religious leaders (remember his prayer rally a few weeks ago?) that don’t just teach that people should repent for being gay, but that people should repent for being tolerant of gays.

How about #9? He claimed to be responsible for Texas’s job growth, which was almost entirely due to government jobs made possible by the very stimulus funding he railed against.

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Perry 2012 campaign poster.

Win ^^