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Black 900’s.

After spending most of the day on it, decided not to buy the Turbo X SportCombi. Now I’m feeling just a little bummed about that.

…Dunno how else to reply to a reply: Timing’s just not good. The 9-5 is worth almost nothing, but is running well and looks great. With all the things I’m trying to pay for right now I can’t justify the 15k on another used car.

But damn I love that car.

When I parked between a customized mint yellow Viggen and a mint black 9000 Aero this morning, I could already tell I was going to have a new mechanic by the end of the day.


Saab Sport & Rally catalog

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Hopefully tomorrow this one will be mine!

Sweet. And good luck to you.

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Saab 900 SPG, Saab 9-3 Viggen, and Saab 9-5 Aero.

Exactly these three.



The last few Carlssons produced in 1992 were capable of cracking 150mph and 0-60mph in under 6 seconds.

That is SO sick!

The subsequent 9000 Aero’s accelerated faster from 50-75mph (Saab’s target due to it being the most common driving range) than any other production car of their time. Yes, any other—that means faster than a Carrera 4 or a Testarossa.

1960’s Saab racer. Seems I took some bad phone pics of it. Based on the focus of these I guess I must have only been interested in sharing the contact info…


1966 SAAB Quantum IV

From SAAB press material:

Five distinct versions of Saab-based Quantum vehicles were built. With chassis designed by IBM engineer Walter Kern, each version used water-cooled two-stroke Saab engines. The first three versions were two-seat sports cars; the fourth, a single-seat, open-wheeled race car, sold as a kit.
The goal of the Quantum IV kit car was to create an affordable, fast, one-design class of open-wheel racing that would take advantage of the lightweight and prodigious power output of the Saab two-stroke engines.
In the Quantum IV, the Saab three-cylinder delivers an estimated 70 horsepower as fitted with three Solex carburetors. It has a four-speed manual transmission, and the Quantum is one of the very few Saabs known with rear-wheel drive.
While specific build data is available for the other Quantum cars, there is no hard data for version IV, since the chassis was sold as a kit to would-be racers.

Saw what I believe was one of these for sale in Huntsville AL a few years ago. It was simply called a 1966 (I think, may have been later) Saab. It was on display inside the Space & Rocket Center there for some reason, which seemed odd, but at least it matched the time period of some of the space-age exhibits there.

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I’m really liking the new wheel paint on this 13-year old car.

Sanded & repainted front lip last week, new fogs & headlamp lenses, just replaced all motor & trans mounts…feeling a little newer each month.


Still from an upcoming Depth of Speed short.

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Saab wheels for sale. Stock 16” wheels from my 2002 9-5. Shown here on my 2000 9-5 as of noon today. Listed with some other stuff at saabcentral. (Yes they’ve been curbed a couple times, as you may be able to tell.)

  • Wheels - $140
  • Tires - Kumho Solus P215/55R16’s - $100
  • Combo, mounted & deflated for shipping - $220
  • Plus shipping
  • 99-01 Saab/Scania center caps shown are also available

more pics here….

I replaced some pristine year-2000 10-spokes with these, and with the scuffs it was a big visual improvement. They’re the same size as the others but just look more modern and appropriate for the car.

pm me at saabcentral or drop me an ask above…


Find your own road.

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