Sexist Trolls


When you start up an opinion blog, you voluntarily expose yourself to the world. If you also happen to be a woman, writes Helen Lewis-Hasteley at New Statesman, you “open the front door to a chorus of commenters howling at you about your opinions, your name, your appearance, your sexuality.” To learn a little more about the state of internet misogyny and incivility, she asked several women bloggers to describe the comments they’ve received from online trolls.

The responses are horrifying …

more about Urban Outfitters


I’m starting to think this entire fucking world is corrupt. I’m so pissed off to find out that Urban Outfitters, who has been trying to make noticeable strives in being a “green business’, has been pulling this kind of bullshit. Now, I don’t completely live under a rock, and I have known about them ripping off designs from artists for a while now. However this bigoted, sexist, and homophobic products and actions stir up a new dislike for them. I am glad that Whole Foods is starting to sell locally made, organic clothes, because from now on, I am going to try to buy from independent businesses and growers/makers whenever possible.
A small amount of UO’s bullshit:

And then there’s this:

Richard Haynes, President/Founder of Urban Outfitters, owner of Anthropologie and Free People contributed over $13,000 to Santorum’s campaign and Political Action Committee over the years. (Pink News,Philadelphia Weekly)