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When you start up an opinion blog, you voluntarily expose yourself to the world. If you also happen to be a woman, writes Helen Lewis-Hasteley at New Statesman, you “open the front door to a chorus of commenters howling at you about your opinions, your name, your appearance, your sexuality.” To learn a little more about the state of internet misogyny and incivility, she asked several women bloggers to describe the comments they’ve received from online trolls.

The responses are horrifying …


I’m starting to think this entire fucking world is corrupt. I’m so pissed off to find out that Urban Outfitters, who has been trying to make noticeable strives in being a “green business’, has been pulling this kind of bullshit. Now, I don’t completely live under a rock, and I have known about them ripping off designs from artists for a while now. However this bigoted, sexist, and homophobic products and actions stir up a new dislike for them. I am glad that Whole Foods is starting to sell locally made, organic clothes, because from now on, I am going to try to buy from independent businesses and growers/makers whenever possible.
A small amount of UO’s bullshit:

And then there’s this:

Richard Haynes, President/Founder of Urban Outfitters, owner of Anthropologie and Free People contributed over $13,000 to Santorum’s campaign and Political Action Committee over the years. (Pink News,Philadelphia Weekly)

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